Des Henly's Rock Years - on tour with Fumble!

Des Henly's Rock YearsDes Henly's memories about life on the road with Fumble in the 1960s and 1970s

Des wrote this blog for the Weston Mercury in November/ December 2008


...with Chuck Berry The first time I met Chuck Berry was on a cold winter's night in February 1973, in north London when he was topping the bill at the Rainbow Theatre (the old Finsbury Park Empire). Fumble were the opening act... read more the Reading FestivalThe Reading Festival evolved from the National Jazz & Blues Festival that started in 1961 at the Richmond Athletic Ground, and passed through several other venues, until it found its permanent home in Reading in 1971. Over the years it has featured... read more

...(literally) with the Beatles I shall always remember the time I met The Beatles; it was a hot summer's night, 22nd July 1963.
At the time Mario and I from Fumble, along with Mario’s brother Remo and drummer Bob Davies had formed a band known as The Iveys. That night we had been playing... read more

...Elvis - The Musical (part 1) Elvis Presley, one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century, died on 16th August 1977 aged 42. Inevitably there was a clamour in the entertainment industry to portray and celebrate (some would say cash in on) his life. Our band Fumble had... read more

with DAVID BOWIEFumble had just played a concert in Nottingham on 27th December 1972, and we arrived at our hotel to find a message asking us to contact our manager John Sherry in London urgently. He told us David Bowie’s manager had asked if Fumble could join in David’s short UK tour, which had already started.. read more