Fumble Tour Timeline - Highlights from the first 20 years

Fumble with Bill Haley1972 - Bill Haley (German tour)
Frankfurt • Bremen • Mannheim • Munich • Bielefeld • Hamburg

The picture on the right shows Fumble with Bill Haley in 1972
Fumble also supported Bill Haley on his very last tour of South Africa in 1980.

1980 - Bill Haley's last tour (South Africa)

Johannisburg • Durban • Cape Town
Critics for that tour were not too good....

1973 - David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust UK and US tourBowie 1973Manchester • Glasgow • Edinburgh • Newcastle
Preston • Philadelphia • Nashville • Memphis • Detroit • Chicago • Los Angeles

Fumble with Chuck Berry
1973 - London Rainbow Theatre

1973 - Chuck Berry, Summer Rock Festival (Frankfurt, Germany)
The concert was broadcast by the German TV station WDR

1977 - Chuck Berry, Barcelona, Spain

Manuel Maya from Spain has sent us some great pictures of that gig
you can find them in the 'Photos' section

Fumble with Fats Domino
1976 - Fats Domino Tour (Germany - Austria)

Hamburg • Cologne • Munich• Linz • Ludwigshafen • Essen • Vienna • Villach

Some tracks on the live Album "Rumble with Fumble" were taken from this tour. At the beginning of the record somebody announces them as "England's best Rock'n'Roll Band"

more tourdates

1973 and 1974 - Reading Festival

1973 - Roskilde Festival (Denmark)In June 1973 Fumble headlined one of Denmark's biggest annual music festivals with 15,000 spectators.

1973 - Fumble german tour (September)

1973 - Pink Floyd, Olympiahalle, Munich

1973 - Fumble winter tour (Denmark) According to an article from a danish newspaper Fumble earned so little on this tour that they had to walk around with holes in their shoes - and it was November!

1979 - Buddy Holly Tribute Concert with Paul McCartney Tribute concert with Paul McCartney & the Wings at Hammersmith Odeon, London

1981 - Fumble tour (Denmark) Copenhagen • Randers • Lokken • Lasby

1981 - Fumble tour (Germany)Cologne • Hanover • Bonn • Frankfurt • Berlin