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FUMBLE Diskografie: LPs

Fumble (1972)

FUMBLE (1972) Label Sovereign SVNA 7254
Sovereign SVNA 7254
Label Capitol-Sovereign 11125
Capitol-Sovereign 11125
Label EMI-Columbia C 062-93729
C 062-93729

Label EMI C 038-930729
EMI C 038-93729

1974 - Poetry in Lotion

Poetry In Lotion
Label UK
RCA SF 8403
Label US
RCA LPL1-5082

Rumble with Fumble - The official bootleg (1979)

Rumble with Fumble
Rumble label
the official bootleg

It's Only A Rock'n'Roll Game (Germany 1982)

It's Only A Rock'n'Roll Game
label electrola
EMI Electrola 1C 064-46 547
(nur in Deutschland veröffentlicht)