Konzertberichte (englische Musikzeitschriften)

Muther Grumble
Feb. 1973

7. Jan 1973
Newcastle, City Hall
(Vorgruppe von David Bowie)

....However 'Fumble' who preceded Bowie's appearance were amazing. A band who can hold an audience rocking for an hour while they sit awaiting a superstar must have something. Fumble's something appeared to be rock 'n' roll, making it a real shame about those seats 'cos with numbers like 'Mary Lou', 'All Shook UP' and 'Good Golly Miss Molly' you feel like maybe you want to do more than sit and stare. At this show the old rock 'n' roll standards were more than just a nostalgic trip. Fumble raced from one to the next recreating the sound of those original 'juke box' hits.

It's a pity that the half-hour break seemed to dispel all the fun and excitement that Fumble generated. Bowie appeared on stage as the darkness was shattered by a strobe and a battery of flash-bulbs. The audience who had been waiting patiently (?) rose to their feet.

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